Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ulster Youth Championships 2006

Conor Leaney
who set new
Ulster Age Group Records
100m Freestyle & 100m Butterfly

The Ulster Youth Championships took place (Friday 5th - Sunday 7th May) at Lisburn Leisureplex. Larne's squad of swimmers put on an amazing show when they recorded numerous PBs, were successful in reaching finals and won medals.

Special congratulations must be made to Conor Leaney who was successful in winning 6 gold medals & 1 silver and set new Ulster Age Group Records in the 100m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly.

Another swimmer worthy of mention is Nathan Mooney who achieved his Irish Age Group (Division 2) qualifying time and is now eligible to join one of the squads that is competing in the Irish Age Group Championships in Limerick.

(PBs recorded in red)

Wilson Logan:
100m Backstroke 1.05.62 (2nd)
200m Backstroke 2.22.95 (2nd)
400m Freestyle 4.18.36 (3rd)
100m Butterfly 1.00.99 (1st)
200m Butterfly 2.14.39 (1st)
100m Breaststroke 1.11.78 (4th)
200m Breaststroke 2.35.91 (2nd)
100m Freestyle 59.39
200m Freestyle 2.00.58 (4th)

Conor Leaney:
200m IM 2.18.63 (1st)
400m Freestyle 4.16.13 (1st)
100m Backstroke 1.02.87 (1st)
200m Backstroke 2.22.01 (2nd)
200m Freestyle 1.57.47 (1st)
100m Butterfly 59.67 (1st) New "Ulster Age Group Record"
100m Freestyle 53.08 (1st) New "Ulster Age Group Record"
Gavin Williamson:
200m IM 2.26.10 (3rd)
400m Freestyle 4.29.08 (6th)
100m Breaststroke 1.14.57 (5th)
100m Freestyle 56.45 (6th)
200m Freestyle 2.04.86 (7th)

Jamie McBurney:
200m IM 2.34.92
400m Freestyle 4.43.84 (4th)
100m Freestyle 59.71 (7th)

John Skelton:
200m IM 2.33.44 (8th)
400m Freestyle 4.51.09 (7th)
200m Breaststroke 2.51.26 (4th)
200m Freestyle 2.16.14
100m Breaststroke 1.17.19 (3rd)
100m Freestyle 1.01.01
Matthew Harkness:
400m Freestyle 4.55.15 (7th)

Mark Douglas:
100m Freestyle 1.05.59
200m Freestyle 2.24.92
400m Freestyle 5.03.43

Nathan Mooney:
200m Freestyle 2.21.82

Stephen Andrews:
100m Freestyle 1.07.62
200m Freestyle 2.27.15

Eimear Black:
200m IM 2.38.82 (3rd)
400m Freestyle 5.00.69 (6th)
100m Backstroke 1.12.38 (4th)
200m Backstroke 2.32.25 (4th)
100m Breaststroke 1.25.99 (6th)
100m Freestyle 1.05.04 (7th)
200m Freestyle 2.20.20 (4th)
100m Butterfly 1.14.86 (8th)

Laura Wylie:
200m IM 2.42.38 (7th)
100m Freestyle 1.08.03
400m Freestyle 5.19.73
100m Backstroke 1.16.83
200m Backstroke 2.48.59
200m Breaststroke 3.00.32 (5th)
100m Breaststroke 1.23.93 (4th)

Sarah Moore:
200m IM 2.43.00 (2nd)
100m Breaststroke 1.27.78 (5th)
200m Breaststroke 3.06.73
100m Butterfly 1.15.79 (2nd)
100m Backstroke 1.16.23 (7th)
200m Backstroke 2.44.08 (4th)
100m Freestyle 1.07.40 (4th)
200m Freestyle 2.26.52

Shereena Donley:
200m IM 2.58.10
100m Backstroke 1.21.12 (8th)
100m Butterfly 1.18.52 (2nd)
200m Freestyle 2.42.95

Laura Heaton:
400m Freestyle 4.41.49 (2nd)
100m Freestyle 1.02.32 (2nd)
200m Freestyle 2.15.07 (2nd)
100m Backstroke 1.11.96 (3rd)
200m Backstroke 2.33.45 (2nd)

Devon Rainey:
100m Backstroke 1.15.47
200m Backstroke 2.49.69
100m Breaststroke 1.29.23
100m Freestyle 1.06.32
200m Freestyle 2.27.02
Rebecca Houston:
100m Freestyle 1.16.61