Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The first PTL of the season took place on Saturday 17th September against City of Belfast at the Grove Leisure Centre.

Larne started well and although only back for just over a week and lacking a number of their regular swimmers, put in a great performance with most swimmers achieving PBs but CoB pulled back after the Butterfly & Freestyle and they eventually went on to win.

Final score: Larne 549 City of Belfast 595

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Success for Conor at UK Schools' Games, Tolcross, Glasgow

Larne Swimming Club’s Conor Leaney pulled put all of the stops at the weekend when he brought home two more medals to add to his ever growing collection. The form 5 pupil from Ballyclare Secondary School was part of the Irish Schools' Team which competed at the UK Schools' Games at Tolcross, Glasgow (7th - 11th September 2006). Up against some of the best in Britain, Conor showed grit and determination when he gave the other swimmers a run for their money, taking bronze in both the 50m & 100m Freestyle. A fabulous start to what is sure to be another successful season for this very talented swimmer.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Conor and Shane are on the Crest of a Wave!

Conor Leaney and Shane Traill competed in the British Youth Championships at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield (1st - 6th August 2006). Conor was part of the Irish 2012 squad and Shane represented his school team, Millfield.

The boys certainly excelled when they both recorded personal best times, were successful in reaching finals and again renewed their 2012 squad times but success didn't stop there - Conor set a new Ulster Junior Record in the 100m Freestyle in a time of 53.60 (LC) - a truly remarkable achievement.

Congratulations and well done from all your team mates in Larne!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Irish Youth Long Course Championships 2006

Shane Traill, Conor Leaney, Andy Hunter (coach), Gavin Williamson & Matthew Harkness
Ulster Junior Record & Irish Junior Standard
holders of the
4 x 50m FTR (LC) and 4 x 50m MTR (LC)

Success was in the air again for Larne Swimming Club last weekend when ten of its swimmers took to the pool at the Irish Long Course Youth Championships (Division 1) at the University of Limerick.

Larne’s swimmers, Gavin Williamson (16), Matthew Harkness (13), Shane Traill (16) and Conor Leaney (15) under the guidance of coach Andy Hunter, pulled out all the stops and took gold in both the 4 x 50m Freestyle Team Relay and 4 x 50m Medley Team Relay setting new Ulster Junior Records and Irish Junior Standards (subject to ratification) on the way. But the success didn’t stop there and the boys regularly found them selves in the finals and on the podium.

Ballynure lad, Conor Leaney had a fabulous week end of swimming, he recorded a personal best time in the 200m Freestyle, took first place in his 3 individual events and renewed his place on the Irish 2012 squad on the way.

Team mate Gavin Williamson from Ballyclare ended the season on a high. Together with his two gold medals in the relays, Gavin recorded personal best times in all of the races he swam, he competed in all of the finals for which he received certificates, achieved his Ulster Squad qualification time and renewed his National Squad standard.

Matthew Harkness may be young but he proved to the older and more experienced swimmers that he has a bright future in swimming. He swam 3 personal best times, was a finalist in the 400m Freestyle and 100m ‘Fly, took 3rd in the 100m Freestyle, 4th in the 200m Freestyle and achieved his National Squad standard in both events.

Shane Traill flew home from school in England to compete for Larne. He had a fantastic weekend of swims, achieved two personal best times and took 2nd place in the 100m Freestyle.

Eleven year old Mark Wylie’s talent was evident in the 100m & 200m Breast stroke when he left the other swimmers in his wake taking 1st position in each. His elder sister Laura unfortunately had to retire from the competition after two races due to injury but offered great support to her team mates over the week end.

Eimear Black was in flying form when she hit the water. She recorded 3 personal best times and was a finalist in the 100m & 200m Back crawl and the 400m Individual Medley.

Younger swimmers Sarah Moore, Devon Rainey and Gary Andrews swam personal best times in all of their races with Sarah reaching the final in the 100m ‘Fly.

Overall this was a very successful week end for the club and proved once more that Larne Swimming Club is ranked as one of the top clubs in Ireland.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go Conor Go!!!!

Conor Leaney's continued success in the pool has resulted in him being selected to compete with the Irish 2012 squad at the British Youth Championships at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield (1st - 6th August 2006).

He has also been selected as part of the Irish Schools' Team to compete at the UK Schools' Games at Tolcross, Glasgow (7th - 11th September 2006).

Congratulations from all your Larne team mates.

2012 Squad Training

Conor Leaney, Raymond Skillen (Head Coach) & Wilson Logan
Conor Leaney, Wilson Logan and Shane Traill headed off to Palma, Majorca on Tuesday 27th July and took part in a week long intensive Long Course Training Camp with the 2012 squad. Congratulations on your selection.

Interpro July 2006

Larne Swimmers who Represented Ulster in the Interpro
(L-R) Laura Heaton, Gavin Williamson, Mark Wylie, Matthew Harkness, Eimear Black & Sarah Moore

Congratulations to the following Larne swimmers who represented Ulster in the Interprovincial Meet at the National Aquatic Centre in Dublin on Saturday 1st July:

Gavin Williamson
Matthew Harkness
Mark Wylie
Laura Heaton
Eimear Black
Sarah Moore

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Success for Larne at the Irish Age Group (Div 2) Championships 2006

Success was evident when five of Larne's swimmers took to the pool at the Irish Age Group (Division 2) Swimming Championships which were held in the University of Limerick's 50m pool on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June 2006. Brilliant swims by the whole squad resulted in a magnificent total of 25 personal best times. All of the team members were successful in reaching finals for which they received certificates and two swimmers were awarded medals Owen Williamson (2nd Breaststroke) and Nathan Mooney (2nd 100m Breaststroke & 2nd 200m Freestyle).

Congratulations boys - your hard work has certainly paid off - you are all a credit to the Club. Thanks to Neil Irvine from the parents and swimmers, whom as coach, encouraged and praised the swimmers over this successful weekend.

Results (PBs in red):

Mark Douglas
100m Back 1.16.98
100m Breast 1.20.89
100m Fly 1.20.02 (7th)
100m Front 1.04.32 (8th)
200m IM 2.47.60
200m Front 2.20.37 (5th)

Nathan Mooney
100m Breast 1.21.26 (2nd)
100m Fly 1.21.02
100m Front 1.04.26 (7th)
200m Front 2.18.53 (2nd)

Stephen Andrews
100m Breast 1.28.97
100m Fly 1.22.75
100m Front 1.05.06
200m IM 2.47.16
200m Front 2.21.73 (8th)

Patrick Brines
100m Back 1.18.99
100m Fly 1.25.43
100m Front 1.04.19 (5th)
200 IM 2.49.53
200m Front 2.20.48 (6th)

Owen Williamson
100m Back 1.24.72
100m Breast 1.25.01 (2nd)
100m Fly 1.26.02
100m Front 1.10.40
200m IM 2.49.25 (4th)
200m Front 2.28.10 (6th)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bridgestone Performance Meet 2006

The Bridgestone Performance Meet (Alliance Open) took place on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th June at the Grove, Belfast.

Larne swimmers recorded 63 PBs (recorded in red below) and a number were presented with medals.

Congratulations and well done to all who competed.

Andy Hunter
50 Front 23.95 (2nd)
100 Front 52.61 (2nd)

Jonny Niblock
50 Fly 27.56 (3rd)
50 Front 23.92 (1st)
100 Front 52.25 (1st)

Nick Browne
50 Breast 32.94 (3rd)
100 Breast 1.12.61 (2nd)
50 Front 27.20

Wilson Logan
100 Breast 1.11.06 (1st)
100 Fly 1.02.72 (2nd)
200 Fly 2.14.76 (1st)
100 Front 55.28 (4th)

Conor Leaney
400 Front 4.11.70 (1st)

Gavin Williamson
50 Front 25.93 (5th)
100 Front 56.81 (6th)
200 Front 2.04.07 (3rd)

Jamie McBurney
50 Front 27.16
100 Front 59.20
200 Front 2.10.08
400 Front 4.46.49

John Skelton
50 Breast 36.08
100 Breast 1.18.14 (4th)
200 Breast 2.50.17 (1st)
400 Front 4.42.69

Mark Douglas
50 Front 29.19
100 Front 1.04.81
200 Front 2.22.21
400 Front 4.59.51

Matthew Harkness
50 Fly 31.36
100 Fly 1.13.58
100 Front 1.01.91
200 Front 2.14.52
400 Front 4.42.90

Stewart Beggs
50 Back 35.86
100 Back 1.19.61
50 Fly 34.55
50 Front 30.81
100 Front 1.08.38

Stephen Andrews
50 Breast 41.88
100 Breast 1.29.58
50 Front 30.38
100 Front 1.08.77

Patrick Brines
50 Back 36.23
50 Fly 34.72
100 Front 1.05.74
200 Front 2.23.00

Mark Skillen
50 Back 38.30
100 Back 1.24.58
50 Front 32.16
100 Front 1.13.64
200 Front 2.47.81

Owen Williamson
200 Breast 3.02.34 (5th)
400 Front 5.13.46

Ross McCausland
50 Fly 42.41
100 Front 1.18.15

Gary Andrews
50 Back 39.81
100 Back 1.27.25
50 Fly 37.35
50 Front 30 94

Mark Wylie
50 Breast 38.48
100 Breast 1.23.73
200 Breast 3.06.02

Conor Brines
50 Fly 38.21
100 Front 1.19.14
200 Front 2.56.58

Shereena Donley
50 Back 38.04
100 Back 1.25.34
50 Fly 35.74
100 Fly 1.23.16

Laura Heaton
100 Front 1.03.86 (3rd)
200 Front 2.17.87 (2nd)
400 Front 4.41.31 (2nd)

Eimear Black
50 Back 33.62 (5th)
100 Back 1.12.67 (5th)
200 Back 2.32.98 (3rd)
200 Front 2.22.36

Rebecca Houston
50 Fly 35.83
50 Front 32.45
100 Front 1.12.44
400 Front 5.38.32

Devon Rainey
100 Back 1.16.99
100 Front 1.06.80
400 Front 5.18.50

Sarah Moore
200 Back 2.44.88 (5th)
100 Breast 1.27.79 (6th)
50 Fly 33.77

100 Fly 1.14.84
50 Front 31.07
100 Front 1.07.76

Kathryn Douglas
100 Back 1.24.48
100 Fly 1.36.17
100 Front 1.14.99
200 Front 2.46.75

Clare McCurdy
200 Back 3.02.74
50 Fly 42.95
400 Front 5.51.67

Jannah Johnston
50 Breast 44.29
100 Breast 1.35.71
50 Fly 39.30
100 Front 1.14.19
200 Front 2.47.90

Sophie Heaton
200 Back 3.01.44
50 Fly 40.78
100 Front 1.13.59
200 Front 2.37.50

Sarah Shannon
100 Back 1.30.93
50 Fly 39.76
100 Front 1.20.86

Belfast Telegraph Swimmer of the Year 2006

A number of Larne’s younger swimmers competed in The Belfast Telegraph Swimmer of the Year Gala which took place on Saturday 3rd June at the Grove Leisure Centre.

Congratulations to all those who competed and recorded PBs.