Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Success for Larne at the Irish Age Group (Div 2) Championships 2006

Success was evident when five of Larne's swimmers took to the pool at the Irish Age Group (Division 2) Swimming Championships which were held in the University of Limerick's 50m pool on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June 2006. Brilliant swims by the whole squad resulted in a magnificent total of 25 personal best times. All of the team members were successful in reaching finals for which they received certificates and two swimmers were awarded medals Owen Williamson (2nd Breaststroke) and Nathan Mooney (2nd 100m Breaststroke & 2nd 200m Freestyle).

Congratulations boys - your hard work has certainly paid off - you are all a credit to the Club. Thanks to Neil Irvine from the parents and swimmers, whom as coach, encouraged and praised the swimmers over this successful weekend.

Results (PBs in red):

Mark Douglas
100m Back 1.16.98
100m Breast 1.20.89
100m Fly 1.20.02 (7th)
100m Front 1.04.32 (8th)
200m IM 2.47.60
200m Front 2.20.37 (5th)

Nathan Mooney
100m Breast 1.21.26 (2nd)
100m Fly 1.21.02
100m Front 1.04.26 (7th)
200m Front 2.18.53 (2nd)

Stephen Andrews
100m Breast 1.28.97
100m Fly 1.22.75
100m Front 1.05.06
200m IM 2.47.16
200m Front 2.21.73 (8th)

Patrick Brines
100m Back 1.18.99
100m Fly 1.25.43
100m Front 1.04.19 (5th)
200 IM 2.49.53
200m Front 2.20.48 (6th)

Owen Williamson
100m Back 1.24.72
100m Breast 1.25.01 (2nd)
100m Fly 1.26.02
100m Front 1.10.40
200m IM 2.49.25 (4th)
200m Front 2.28.10 (6th)