Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Long Course Invitation Gala, Limerick, 2006

Long Course Invitation Gala, Limerick took place on Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th April 2006. Conor Leaney, Johnny Niblock and Andy Hunter (representing Larne Swimming Club) were invited to compete and were successful in the 100m Freestyle when they took 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. Well done!!

Results (LC):
(PBs recorded in red)

Conor Leaney
50 Freestyle 25.19
100 Freestyle 55.17
50 Butterfly 27.43
100 Butterfly 1.00.69

Jonny Niblock
50 Freestyle 25.11
100 Freestyle 55.20

Andy Hunter
50 Freestyle 25.14
100 Freestyle 54.53

Ulster Age Group Sprint Championships 2006 - Results

(PBs recorded in red)

Matthew Harkness
100m backstroke 1.13.48 (5th)
100m butterfly 1.12.25 (2nd
100m frontcrawl 1.03.29 (2nd)
200m back stroke 2.35.92 (2nd)
200m frontcrawl 2.17.06 (2nd)

Stephen Andrews
100m front crawl 1.08.70
200 IM 2.54.04
200m frontcrawl 2.23.39 (7th)

Patrick Brines
100m frontcrawl 1.07.40
200m frontcrawl 2.27.83

Gary Andrews
100m backstroke 1.26.16
100m frontcrawl 1.11.40
200 IM 3.03.64
200m frontcrawl 2.32.32

Owen Williamson
100m backstroke 1.23.11
100m breast stroke 1.25.15 (4th)
100m frontcrawl 1.10.47
200 IM 2.52.94
200m backstroke 2.57.27
200m breaststroke 3.03.99 (4th)
200m frontcrawl 2.30.24

Mark Wylie
100m backstroke 1.18.61 (2nd)
100m breaststroke 1.21.18 (1st)
100m butterfly 1.19.93 (1st)
100m frontcrawl 1.08.74 (2nd)
200 IM 2.43.66 (1st)
200m breaststroke 3.00.72 (1st)
200m frontcrawl 2.31.03 (1st)

Conor Brines
100m backstroke 1.30.63 (7th)
100m frontcrawl 1.16.47 (7th)
200m frontcrawl 2.50.09

Sophie Heaton
100m backstroke 1.26.01
100m butterfly 1.32.65
100m frontcrawl 1.14.12
200 IM 3.03.44
200m backstroke 3.01.72 (6th)
200m frontcrawl 2.37.88 (8th)

Sarah Shannon
100m frontcrawl 1.19.07

Jannah Johnston
100m breaststroke 1.35.82 (8th)
200m frontcrawl 2.48.13

Claire McCurdy
100m frontcrawl 1.21.50
200 IM 3.25.44

Chloe Wilson
100m backstroke 1.35.96
100m frontcrawl 1.22.70

Megan Kerr
100m frontcrawl 1.29.85

Naomi Harkness

100m frontcrawl 1.24.97

Beth Shannon
100m backstroke 1.46.46 (6th)
100m frontcrawl 1.39.63

Ulster Age Group Sprint Championships 2006

Seventeen of Larne Swimming Club’s younger swimmers qualified for and competed in the Ulster Age Group Sprint Championships at Lisburn Leisureplex on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th April 2006.

A successful weekend was had by all of Larne’s swimmers who took part in these Championships which are Ulster’s most prestigious event for swimmers of this age group. Numerous PBs were recorded, Irish Age Group (Division 1 & 2) times were achieved and for those swimmers who reached finals, certificates or medals were awarded.

Matthew Harkness swam in 5 events over the weekend reaching finals in every one of his races. He was placed 2nd in 100m Butterfly, 100m Frontcrawl, 200m Backstroke & 200m Frontcrawl and recorded PBs in each event.

Stephen Andrews swam in 3 events and recorded PBs in each of them, taking 7th place in the 200m Frontcrawl. Younger brother Gary swam four events, recorded PBs in three of them and achieved his Irish Age Group Division 1 time in his 200m Frontcrawl.

Team mate Patrick Brines was also successful in swimming personal best times in his two events. His younger brother Conor, the youngest of Larne’s boys to qualify and compete in the Ulster Age Group Championships swam three events, recorded PBs in each of them, made two finals (100m Backstroke & 100m Frontcrawl) and was placed 7th in both events.

Owen Williamson qualified in and competed in seven events over the weekend. He was successful in achieving seven personal best times over the heats of the races, then another during the final of his 100m breaststroke and gained two further Irish Age Group (Division 2) times. Owen reached the finals in 100m & 200m Breaststroke and was placed 4th overall in each.

Mark Wylie also competed in seven events. He achieved five 1st places (100m Breaststroke, 100m Butterfly, 200m IM, 200m Breaststroke and 200m Frontcrawl) with his most notable being in the 100m Breaststroke when his nearest rival in the final was 13 seconds behind him. The time recorded for Mark was 1.21.18 and is sure to be a new record for this age group. Mark was also placed 2nd in the 100m Backstroke and 100m Frontcrawl, he gained 7 PBs and 2 further Irish Age Group (Division 1) times.

Sophie Heaton swam in six events over the weekend. She too was successful in achieving PBs across the board, she was placed 6th in the 200m Backstroke and 8th in the 200m Frontcrawl and achieved her Irish Age Group (Division 2) time in the 200m Frontcrawl.

Sarah Shannon competed in the 100m Frontcrawl and although not a PB she swam an excellent race in a time of 1.19.07. Younger sister Beth competed in two events, she recorded PBs in both and reached the final of the 100m Backstroke to be placed in 6th position.

Jannah Johnston swam in two events, she made a final in the 100m Breaststroke, taking 8th place and also recorded a PB. Personal best times were also recorded by team mates Chloe Wilson and Megan Kerr. Naomi Harkness and Clare McCurdy must be given credit for qualifying and competing in the Ulster Championships as their swims were of an excellent standard and along with Chloe and Megan were competing at this level of competition for the first time.

Congratulations and well done to all who competed.