Monday, January 31, 2005

63 Personal Bests against Lisburn

LARNE Swimming Club's Teletots team recorded a total of 63 personal bests against a strong Lisburn team at a gala in Lisburn Leisureplex on Saturday, January 29th.

Although the team were ultimately defeated 255 to 145 they managed to record some especially impressive perfomances.

A full table of the times for the swimmers has been posted on the club noticeboard at Larne Leisure Centre

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bangor Open Gala 26th & 27th February

The closing date for entries for the Bangor Gala is Wednesday 2nd February. If you want to enter add your name to the list on the notice board, this is a good opportunity to improve or gain PBs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Teletots set for next gala

Larne Swimming CLub's Teletots team is undergoing intensive preparation for its next gala.

The team will take on the swimmers of Lisburn on Saturday 29th January 05 at 6.30pm (warm up 6pm) in Lisburn Leisureplex

Youth Olympics selection for Wilson and Shane

Wilson Logan and Shane Traill have been selected to attend a training camp for the European Youth Olympics at the University of Limerick on 7th - 9th January 05, following their excellent performances at the Ulster Championships in December 04.

Ulster Secondary Schools Gala

The following Larne took part in the Ulster Secondary Schools Gala at the Grove on Saturday 8th January. They also qualified for the Irish Schools to be held at Limerick University on Saturday 5th February 05.
  • Conor Leaney, Backcrawl and frontcrawl
  • Gavin Williamson, Breaststroke and frontcrawl
  • Laura Heaton, Butterfly and frontcrawl
  • Ciara Campbell, Backcrawl
  • Caroline Gordon, Breaststroke and Front crawl
  • Eimer Black, 200IM and Backcrawl
  • Niamh Gilmore, Breaststroke
  • Adam Jenkins, Frontcrawl.
    Wilson Logan, 400 Frontcrawl, Butterfly and 100 Frontcrawl.

    During the Ulster Secondary Schools' gala, Conor Leaney broke the records for the Junior Boys' 100m Backcrawl and 100m Frontcrawl.

Ulster Championships

Below are the Larne swimmers placed in the final six at the Ulster Championships which took place at the Grove from 16-19 Dec 04. This is Ulsters most prestigious swimming event. Well done to each and every one of them!

J.Niblock - 50 F/C 2nd, 100 F/C 3rd
C.Gordon - 50 Br 2nd, 100 Br 3rd, 200 Br 4th
N.Gilmore - 50 Br 3rd, 100 Br 6th
C.Leaney - 200 B/C 5th
S.Trail - 100 B/F 3rd, 100 F/C Ulster Junior Champion (8th - however 1st junior)
W.Logan - 400 F/C 3rd Ulster Junior Champion, 400IM 4th, 200 B/F 1st Ulster Junior and Senior Champion, 200 F/C 1st Ulster Junior and Senior Champion
L.McClean - 800 F/C 3rd, 400 F/C 5th, 200 F/C 3rd
L.Heaton - 800 F/C 4th
C.Shannon - 50 F/C 5th
Womens 4 x 200 FTR - 3rd
Womens 4 x 100 FTR - 6th
Men 4 x 200 FTR - 2nd overall, 1st Juniors - Ulster Junior Champions (W.Logan, C.Leaney, G.Williamson, S.Trail)
Boys 10+Under 4 x 50 MTR - 3rd (G.Andrews, M.Wylie, A.Ferguson, D.McBurney)
Boys 10+Under 4 x 50 FTR - 4th
Girls 10+Under 4 x 50 MTR - 5th (C.Hall, E.Campbell, L.Fekkes, C.Wilson)
Girls 10+Under 4 x 50 FTR - 6th
Womens 4 x 100 MTR - 6th
Girls 11-12 yrs 4 x 50 MTR - 2nd (S.Moore, S.Heaton, D.Rainey, J.Gibson)
Girls 11-12 yrs 4 x 50 FTR - 2nd
Boys 11-12 yrs 4 x 50 MTR - 6th (P.Brines, O.Williamson, M.Harkness, S.Andrews)
Boys 11-12 yrs 4 x 50 FTR - 5th
Mens 4 x 100 FTR - 2nd (J.Niblock, W.Logan, C.Leaney, S.Trail)

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Personal Bests

Just a quick note to congratulate the swimmers who took part in the recent Teletots gala against Bangor. Despite the loss 68 personal bests were achieved. Well done!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

'Wee' swimmers well underway

Tonight (Wednesday 12th January 2005) was the second night of the Winter sessions in the minor pool for those learning the basics of strokes and hoping to achieve a good enough standard to join the club. The sessions run on Wednesday's and Saturday's and all learn with volunteer teachers who have at least achieved the Amateur Swimming Association Assistant Teacher qualification, and under the supervision of a qualified teacher.

More than 100 of our wee swimmers take part in the two sessions. And there's a considerable waiting list to join! Thanks as always to all the parents who bring their children along, but thanks to all the 'wee' swimmers and the coaches who help them develop. At the end of 2004 half a dozen achieved a significant standard to join the club in the 'big' pool at Larne Leisure Centre! Well done to all of them!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Update from Committee

The Larne Swimming Club's General Committee held its first meeting of the New Year on Monday 10th January 2005 at the Curran Court Hotel in Larne, with a new committee now in place, and a new chairman wrestling the pieces into place.

I'll post the full committee membership in coming days, but suffice to say that a lot of work was carried out at the first meeting.


PS As per my earlier post about the Teletots I'd a quick glance at the times recorded by the Junior Swimmers who took part and despite the loss there were a lot of Personal Bests recorded! More soon...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Teletots lose to Bangor but score big in PBs

Larne Swimming Club's Teletots team lost out to Bangor on Friday night, but with the final times being calculated it seems that many of the swimmers recorded Personal Bests in this home fixture.

The Teletots gala, held at Larne Leisure Centre, saw the strong Bangor team arrive to take on a Larne team still developing at the youngest age groups.

And the final points total belies many excellent swims from the Larne team, with Charlotte Hall among those making an impact in the individual races.

Look out for more details soon